Change Blindness Demonstration

Do you think you notice everything? Well, you probably don't! Look at 2 variations of the same photo and see if you can distinguish between them! 

Change blindness demonstration

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What other people thought

  1. Ellie101 4:54 AM April 4, 2020

    Does anybody see it? Help!

  2. MemeMooMoo 12:31 AM April 11, 2020

    I can't find it!

  3. penny33 2:56 PM April 20, 2020

    this is driving me crazy i can't find it

  4. risssktake 11:29 AM April 29, 2020

    Once it is a painting then a white background that is the variations.

  5. dhmp225 11:56 PM May 1, 2020

    Lower right corner, flower appears and disappears.

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