Under the Sea

The Shallows

The Shallows

When you think of all the bodies of water, do you ever think about what all lives in them? In the areas of shallow water where sunlight reaches through, there are thousands of types of living creatures.

There are not only various types of fishes that swim in the shallow water but also algae and diverse plants that grow supported by the sunlight. Did you know many fishes and plants need the sunlight to survive in the ocean? There are studies on how cold water makes them grow and live in shallow parts of water to be able to access the sunlight's heat rays.

Research is still happening on all that lives in the shallow waters. However one thing is for sure, fish, algae and plants have been surviving in the shallow waters for a very long time. So get ready to explore and learn how crabs dart around the shallow water rocks and coral reefs make a home within the shallow rocky areas of the sea.

Take the time to learn more about other various creatures of the sea that live in the shallow waters!