Crime Scene Investigation



You have probably learned somewhere that everyone's fingerprints are different. But did you know that our fingerprints can be used to keep track of us at places like Disney World? There are many biological identifiers such as your DNA, face, fingerprint, irisvoice, and even by the way you walk! Samples of DNA can help orphaned children find their biological parents! Fingerprints at a crime scene can help catch a villain! Voice and face recognition can be used to log you into your computer instead of using a username and password!

At Disney World, a biometric measurement is taken (your fingerprint) to ensure that you are the same person using the ticket you purchased the day before. So if someone steals your ticket, they won't be able to use it! Biometrics are also used by important organizations such as the U.S. Army and the CIA. With biometrics, con artists have a harder time trying to hide their real identity. No matter how much con artists try to change their appearance and mannerisms, their fingerprints will always remain the same!

Learn what physical traits and behavioral traits of yours can help others identify who you are (even under disguise)!


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