You watch anxiously as the doctor races through the ER to save the life of yet another car crash trauma victim on another episode of Grey's Anatomy! Better yet, you wait to see what solution Dr. House will whip up in a matter of seconds for an unknown case, making the other doctors look like amateurs. You may have even aspired and dreamed to be a doctor since the age of 5. However, the fact is there are so many paths out there in the field of medicine beyond being a doctor!

There are so many new innovations taking place in the field of medicine that will blow your mind! Do you know how the field of genetics and recombinant technology is paving the way for future medicine? Did you also know that music therapy has been shown to alleviate anxiety in patients? Concepts that would be considered foreign fifty years ago are making an impact in science and medicine. Medicine and engineering merge in creating modern technology such as the MRI machines and CAT scan machines. Even miniscule robots (Flybots and Meshworm) are being created to administer medication to the exact location of trauma or disease!

Just as the human body is composed of different components and mechanisms, the medical science field offers a variety of tracks to explore. Whether you decide to become a researcher, a geneticist, a radiologist, or even a Prosthetist, there are a lot of opportunities to fit your interest! This site has a bunch of articles, cool jobs, and activities in the medical sciences to help you explore and find your area of interest! Enjoy!

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