Under the Sea

Middle Sea

Middle Sea

Do you know that oceans cover most of the Earth's surface? However, most of the oceans' inhabitants live in medium depth water where humans rarely venture into!

Most people have seen marine life in aquariums but rarely get to view these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Scientists are working on doing just that. These explorers are constantly finding new information about dolphins, whales and many more creatures that reside in this ocean area.

Studying the sea also provides us with important information about our planet and how it continues to change. Animals under the sea certainly affect us humans. We can even study the ocean by sending marine robots, to look into human history!

Did you know that we can even answer some of our weather questions through middle sea exploration? These inquiries include evaluating hurricane strength and how tsunamis impact low resting land areas.

Come take a look at a world under the sea and learn about its relevance to you!