The Animal Kingdom



You take a trip to the zoo one day and walk around, amazed by all of the cool animals that you see. You look at an eagle, a crocodile, and a tiger. You realize, however, that the tiger is somehow more similar to you than the crocodile and eagle. What makes the tiger and you more similar than the other two animals?

Both the tiger and you (a human) belong in the species classified as Mammals! Mammals are warm-blooded animals, have hair all of their body, and produce milk for their babies. Having various types of hairs all of over their body have helped mammals survive almost all different environments in the world! As of right now there are approximately 4,000 different species of mammals.

Most mammals give birth to live babies except for the five different species of the Monotremes ,which lay eggs. Mammals are classified into six different orders which include: Rodentia, Chiroptera, Soricomorpha, Primates, Carnivora, and Certiodactyla. Would you like to find out more about yourself and the other different animals that fall under the mammal category? Check this out!


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