Wind Energy has been around for a long time!  Humans have used it to power their ships, pump water from wells, and to cool their homes for centuries.  But today we have wind turbines that use the force of the wind to create energy that we send out to distant places.  There are certain locations where there is so much wind, we can build wind farms with hundreds or thousands of turbines to harvest large amounts of energy.

Some people have gotten very innovative about capturing wind energy.  Arizona State University created a wind turbine that turns when the cars on the highway drive by.  And not all of the wind farms are on land.  Some are off the shore and sit in deep water!

To learn more about wind energy, check out the articles we have collected.  To get started, you might want to check out the Wind Energy Basics article. 

We also have projects, like building your own wind turbine.  And there are other activities like creating evaporation which will teach you the role of wind in cooling.  Explore and find out for yourself what wind energy is all about!