Video and computer games are a lot of fun to play, but do you know how much work goes into making them? From designing the different levels and environments to programming how players will maneuver through the game, there is a lot to consider!

This video game development area will show you a lot of the different aspects of computer and videos games and will teach you the basics of how to develop your own games. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be once you know the basics!

There are all kinds of games out there! Even if you aren’t into playing games, there are a lot of ways that games can be used to help explain complex ideas or to help solve scientific mysteries. Games are even starting to be used by researchers to find out how people think and how the world around us works.

We have included a bunch of cool articles and videos that will explain how gaming is being used and give you an insider perspective into how games are created. Once you understand a little more about what goes into game development, check out some of our activities and create your own games!