Have you ever taken a trip to the aquarium and wondered about life under water? Our world's oceans offer a whole new world! Come and learn about them and explore this exciting part of our world.

How do animals in the oceans effect us on land? Why is it so important to learn about the sea? For example, did you know that plants under the sea are used for medicinal purposes? Learn the answers to these questions by exploring how life exists under the sea.

You will be surprised to learn about amazing animals never seen before and concepts such as bio-luminescence! Finally, the sea even affects things like the weather we experience on land as well as sustains the food chain.

This super subject includes three component subjects that will get you focused a little more on what you may be looking for. The Shallows focuses on tidal waters and everything that lives and happens there. The Middle Sea focuses on the oceans, the animals that live here and the work that humans are doing to learn more about this environment. The Deep Sea is all about exploration and learning more about the deep unknown here on our very own planet.

Come take a dive and go on an under sea adventure!