No matter where you live, whether it's night or day, all you have to do to see outer space is go outside and look at the sky! Depending on the time of day, you can see the sun, the moon, and the stars pretty easily. However, how much do you know about what else is out there, or what the human race has done to learn more about it?

What planets can be found in our Solar System? Which one is most like Earth? How far away are we from the sun, and what happens to us if something happens to the Sun? In Our Solar System, you can learn about everything from our neighboring planets to the sun.

The Universe doesn't end at the border of our Solar System, though, and our Sun is far from being the only star in the sky. Do you know what a black hole is, or what happens to a star that gets caught in its grasp? Do you want to learn why a comet has a tail, or what a shooting star is made of? In Deep Space: The Unknown, you can see what scientists are discovering about mysteries of the distant universe.

But how, you may ask, do we know all of this? What do we do to learn more about space? The best answer to that question is that we explore it! In Space Exploration, you can learn about everything from the Apollo missions that sent man to the moon for the first time to the Hubble telescope!