Build an Earthquake-Proof Structure

Can you build a structure strong enough to survive an earthquake? Test your skills now! Build a structure out of drinking straws and see if it is strong enough to survive! 

Earthquake Tower

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What other people thought

  1. KITTY 12:43 AM September 1, 2020


  2. PassIs1234 2:01 PM May 28, 2021

    my password is 1234 please hack me i thought it would be funny

  3. PassIs1234 10:11 AM August 17, 2021


  4. PassIs1234 1:00 PM October 13, 2021

    @KITTY done

  5. PassIs1234 1:00 PM October 13, 2021

    hacked this thing

  6. PassIs1234 3:45 AM March 9, 2022

    @KITTY Creative idea! Hope you had a great day today.
    - From a teacher in Canada :)

  7. PassIs1234 2:37 PM April 19, 2022

    LOL i hacked this mate wtf would u let someone do this thou

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