Determine the Strongest and Weakest Points of a Hurricane

imageHave you ever wondered what part of a hurricane is the strongest, or does the most damage?  In this easy experiment, you can find out for yourself!  All you need is a bowl of water, a paperclip, and a string.

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  1. Shabba 4:31 AM December 1, 2015

    We adapted this activity a bit to create more application with weather predictions and mapping.

    1: Start by practicing the discovery stage with just the string/paper clip and the bowl of water.

    2: Discuss where the most damage might likely occur. Also ask for variables which might hinder damage or accelerate it.

    3: To display debris and damage even better, stir vigorously and then drop in multi-colored glitter. This should demonstrate where the most violent winds are as well.

    4: Using clear glass bowls, place them over laminated maps. Swirl the water. Because the bowls are clear, students should be able to predict where the severe damage will occur from a bird's eye view.

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